Live performance installation with large scale fan & parachute

“Your Heart & Your Belly & Your Whole Insides Felt Empty & Wanting & Hollow” is a spectacular act of intimacy. This is the first episode of a collection of experiments depicting a “dance for two” between a woman and the void.

Created during The STREB LAB GO Residency 2014 Brooklyn, NY

Sound Design by Sam Crawford

Co-Produced by Pamela Giaroli

DP: Boofa Hobbs



Flomenhaft Gallery, Chelsea NY

Laid In Earth is a tiny baroque opera in a 16x6x6 plexi-glass box- theater. Enacting the famous aria, Dido’s Lament, from Henry Purcell’s baroque opera, Dido and Aeneas, the project places Dido, the queen of Carthage, in an abstract swampland — Queen Dido sings the haunting aria, depicting her end as being “laid in earth”, consumed by nature, as she pleads to be remembered by the grandeur of her life. The installation depicts a swampland, where Dido is beginning to be overtaken by the surrounding mangroves. The murky waters of the swamp leave no trace; that which is swallowed is erased, digested by a seething mass of organisms. Dido is a tragic character, created on the precipice of her own ruins. The box theater invites the viewer into the spectacle of opera, the magic of cinema, and the tactility of an object, creating a dynamic stage for this radical re-visioning of a baroque icon.


Created by Yara Travieso

Collaboration with Mira Lehr

Music by Henry Purcell, Dido’s Lament from Dido and Aeneas

Photography by Michael Fryd






2013, 35min

Previews presented by:Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC

KWAIDAN, the Multimedia-Dance-Cine-Horror-Opera-Installation, is a journey into the void: lost, neon-lit and with a fully realized psychological-horror-thriller aesthetic. The libretto derives from ancient Japanese horror stories collected and translated by Lafcadio Hearn. Through a cross-pollination of live performance, cinema, architecture, music and dance, KWAIDAN creates disorienting environments that reflect and trigger the foreignness that lies within. Housed in a 360˚ installation where audience and performers coexist on stage–the theater is turned inside out and transformed into a place for highly personal encounters with the singers, dancers and the expansive, surrounding cinematic video projections. The opera exists in a beautiful and delirious dimension, offering the lightning bolt of terror expected from cinema. Together, audiences and artists free-fall into our shared experience of uncertainty, fear, and pleasure of the unknown.

Composer Jerome Begin,
Installation artist, Chat Travieso.
Mezzo-Soprano: Lisa Komara, Baritone: David Giuliano,
Dancer: Carlye Eckert & Carl Henry Belizaire “Element”
Director of photography: Pamela Giaroli, & Darren Hoffman
Technical Director: William Fastenow


2011, 40min

Live concert for electronically processed string ensemble, multi-channel video projection and five dancers with a microphone.  Presented by The New World Symphony. Closing performance honored by YoungArts.

Created for the new Frank Gehry designed New World Center in Miami, FL, SET is a site-specific work that delves into the idea of tension and seeks to trigger a sense of disorientation from within. A free fall into the unfamiliar, SET finds stability in mid-air, where inhibitions dissolve away. Audience members sit anywhere in the 360 degree performance and multichannel video projection space. Seven orchestral string instruments play through composer Jerome Begin’s live electronic manipulation. The human voice is amplified via handheld microphone, distorted, hovering on the edge of intelligibility.  SET references cinematic genres of horror, sci-fi, and psychological thriller within each of its 8 episodes in order to tap into the viewer’s fears of the unknown.


Created by Yara Travieso
Composer and sound designer: Jerome Begin
Dancers: Esmé Boyce, Giula Carotenuto, Carlye Eckert, Mannelich Minniefee, Christopher Ralph
Musicians: Jerome Begin and Fellows of the New World Symphony
Collaborating Artists: Darren Hoffman (Technical Director and DP), Fabiola Arias (Costume), Chat Travieso (Architectural Rendering), Ryan Hartley (Illustrator).

Ladies and Gentlemen

2013, 2:20min

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry to tell you that ______ is unable to dance tonight, nor indeed any other night. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to present the piece. It is the ballet that made her name, whose name she made. We present it because we think she would have wished it.”
A short pas de deux with the void
Locust Projects, 2013
Music, Sam Crawford
Dancer, Olivia Ancona


2011, 3:23min loop

Four wall multi-channel video and sound installation, performance, and sculpture.  Kelley Roy Gallery, Miami FL

A motorcycle chain penetrates layers of plexiglas sheets, forming a flexible sculpture modeled after the human vertebrae. -Highly explosive fuse lines are threaded through the motorcycle chain and lit on fire, bringing the sculpture violently to life. The event is then recorded and projected onto a woman’s back while she attempts to replicate the clattering lateral motion. An uncanny spectacle of physical life in the lifeless, V1-V3 humanizes the inanimate and removes the familiar.


Created by Yara Travieso with
Artist: Mira Lehr
Original Score and Sound Installation: Jerome Begin
Photography: Michael Fryd


Tour dates: 2010-2012, 55min

Theatrical multimedia production for chamber orchestra, dancer, actor, narrator and video projection.
Premiere at Lincoln Center for Beyond The Machine Festival with The Juilliard Music Ensemble.
A breathing and mutating chair is the narrator for the tale, while 80ft of lycra is shape-shifted into vibrating architectures, combined with original posters and illustrations, video projections, dancers, puppet shows, pythons, theater, and a live chamber orchestra; the work is a salute to the absurd tapestry that was life during wartime Russia. Part poem, part spectacle, and part picture book nightmare, the production is a unique revival of Igor Stravinsky’s musical masterpiece.



Director, Choreographer, Video Artist: Yara Travieso
Artist and illustrator: Ryan Hartley
Conductor: George Stelluto for the Juilliard Ensemble – Tech Director: William FastenowSet design: Cathryn Garcia-Menocal – Soldier: Brendan Spieth and Alejandro Rodriguez – Devil: Alejandro RodriguezPrincess: Esme BoyceNarrator: Carlye Eckert with chair.



1-10 OR LUCI

2010, 25min

Presented by The Yard Arts, Created with The Bessie Schönberg Individual Choreographers’ Residency. Live performance and installation with single channel video projection, rope and rock.

Created by Yara Travieso
Composer: Jerome Begin
Performers: Lucie Baker, Esmé Boyce, Giula Carotenuto, Luke Murphy, Christopher Ralf



2012, 04:45 loop

My Name is Talky Tina, and I’m Going To Kill You: A String of Excited, Fugitive, Miscellaneous Pleasures
Video installation: multi-channel video projection in a mirrored room

A video is projected in a small room with mirrored walls, meant for one viewer at a time. The video itself displays a similarly mirrored room with a bathtub, creating an infinite reflection. Echoing deep within the mirror tunnel are the disfigured sounds of an opera, accompanying a wave of movement like a chorus line through the reflective layers. When projected into the additionally reflective room, this capsule becomes a disorienting and spectacular peepshow of tunnels to an alternate dimension.


Created by Yara Travieso
Sound Design by: Jerome Begin



Texas State Orchestra

Presented by The Juilliard school and Texas State University Orchestra for The San Marcos Performing Arts Center.  The work was a commission for Wayne O’Quin’s orchestral work “Water Song” and a collaboration with the young orchestral groups. Single channel video projection, 60ft of lycra, full symphony orchestra.


Choreographer, Video Artist: Yara Travieso

Composer: Wayne Oqin

Dancer: Lucie Baker

For Dido and Shark

Korzo Theater, July 2013
Music, Dido’s Lament by Henry Purcell
Mezzo-soprano, Dame Janet Baker

Dido, Spencer Dickhaus
Shark, Casia Vengoechea

The Impossibility of Death…

The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of the Youth


Performed At The Peter Jay Sharpe Theater

Choreography Yara Travieso


Curated and presented by Art Institute of Chicago and The Streaming Museum.  Video project part of a group of videos forming an exquisite corpse surrounded around the falling figure.


Collaboration between Yara Travieso and
Artist: Brookhart Jonquil


Public installation and opera performance. Presented by YoungArts and The Dorsch Gallery.

The work consists of two elevated structures architecturally personifying Orpheus and Eurydice of Greek mythology.
Collaboration between Yara Travieso
Architect/Artist: Chat Travieso
Artist: Brookhart Jonquil
Singer: Kunya Rowley
Music by Claudio Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, Tu Sei Morta


Single channel video
Winner of the 2009 48hr DFA Challenge


Created by Yara and Chat Travieso


2013. 5min


HERMES of PARIS short film




Official music video for Till I Hurt You, written and performed by Grace Weber. Directed by Yara Travieso. Originally premiered on Team Coco FreshNoise.


Video Concept and Direction by Yara Travieso
Produced by Daniel Dewes
Director of Photography: David Raboy
Coloring: Vladimir Kucherov
Skirt design and construction: Sue Julien
Styling: Corinne Krishnan
Make Up: Laura Mitchell
PA’s and Special thanks to: Steven Maganero, Drew Schneider, Cassidy Andrews, Emily Wolfe, Tyler Rabinowitz, Jake Carl Magee, Greg Anton, Rosie Duke


2012, 03:29min

Fashion Art Video
Superior Magazine, Germany
The order of events of a young woman’s stay at the historic Waldorf Astoria are dismantled and reassembled; transforming what was a fashion shoot into a haunting psychological thriller. Split-screens heighten the suspense as well as disorient the viewer in this cubist-like film. An ode to cinema and fashion, 14R is reminiscent of the Alfred Hitchcock and Brian De Palma films of the 60’s-70’s.


Director: Yara Travieso in collaboration with
Director of Photography: Danilo Hess
Original sound and Music by: Jerome Begin
Fashion Credits: Gucci, Tom Ford, Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Fendi, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, Rochas, Michael Kors, Wes Gordon, Elie Tahari, Jack Vartanian, Wilfredo Rosado




2013, 1:30min

Fashion Film
Russian Glamour, Russia
Modernist architecture, pristine landscapes and the figure of youth and beauty are collaged together to form a surreal utopian tapestry. It is a place that can never be… The video embraces the modernist paradise as an absurd alienated world where form rules above function.


Director, Editor: Yara Travieso in collaboration with
Director of Photography: Danilo Hess
Model: Isabeau at New York Models – Styling: Angela Esteban Librero – Makeup: Roberto Morrelli for Nars Cosmetics at Link – Hair: Thanos Samaras at L’Atelier


2009, 5:20min


 Music Video for Afrobeta
Sponsored by Kodak Films and Trio Trading

Created by Yara Travieso
Director of photography: Antal Steinbach



“Travieso’s staging of “Soldat” fully integrates what can be possible when the digital and spacial world’s interact between each other and in front of an audience.”








“The fusion of human and machine elements is a common cinematic theme, but the visual simplicity of this montaged pas de deux was startling.”






“When you have the need to make something, you find little corners of possibility where you can create,” she said. “When you know in your heart and in your head that you own something of yourself and that no one else owns you, then you have the freedom to start a new project or collective or organization and screw up as much as possible—even if it sounds terrifying. There’s always a way, even if it’s different than the way you planned.”







“A Multimedia Virtuoso”






“Travieso’s work is sonic, visceral and rich. It is also unexpected”







“Yes, Travieso is actually dancing about architecture.”





Prologue Profiles


Listen to Prologue Profile’s recent podcast interview about what I do all day and how I make a living off of it!




Translation: “Travieso and composer Jerome Begin, have played with the fracture of time and space to recreate the concept of transition and the interval between birth and death”




Art Districts Magazine



“A soundtrack of plexi squares hit each other to sound like a heartbeat”







I am completely honored to be one of the selected 2014 GO artists for STREB Lab for Action Mechanics. GO, is an artist commissioning program allotting time, a stipend and advisors to aid in the creation of a new work inside the versatile SLAM space. An open workshop of my piece will be held June [...]

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2013 – Tribeca Residency

For 9 months, composer Jerome Begin, brother/architect Chat Travieso, and I will be calling the Tribeca Performing Arts Center our home.  Currently in pre-production for the craziest and most ambitious project yet, we will layout the ideas for our new Japaneses ghost story-Multimedia-Opera-Installtion…  Stay tuned!

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KWAIDAN A Multimedia-Dance-Cine-Horror-Opera-Installation by Composer, Jerome Begin Director, Choreographer and Video Artist, Yara Travieso Installation Designer, Chat Travieso   Presentation of developing production: June 15th shows at 7:30pm and 8:30pm June 16th shows at 7:30pm and 8:30pm @ Tribeca Performing Arts Center   Kwaidan is a Multimedia-Dance-Cine-Horror-Opera-Installation. The libretto derives from short Japanese horror stories dating back hundreds [...]

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Chelsea opening

My new project, LAID IN EARTH will be on view at the Flomenhaft Gallery, in Chelsea NY from March 14th- April 27th.  You have a whole month, so no excuses!This project is a collaboration with artist Mira Lehr. Laid In Earth is a tiny baroque opera in a 16x6x6 plexi-glass box- theater. Enacting the famous aria, [...]

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 V1-V3 was presented at NYC’s New Museum in February as part of Ximena Garnica’s residency.  She curated various presentations that attempted to answer the following prompt “what are we interested in presenting ‘via the body’ currently and into the future?  Imagine a future body”… I am interested in the inner body vs the outer body experience, not in metaphorical terms but in [...]

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Yes, SWAMPERA, a swamp opera! I am currently in the process of creating an adaptation of Dido and Aeneas that takes place in a swampland.  Why?  The murky waters of the swamp leave no trace; that which is swallowed is erased, digested by a seething mass of organisms. Queen Dido is a tragic character, created on the precipice [...]

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Late March we held auditions to cast our new opera project. Unlike other casting processes, I knew who I wanted to work with, the question was, which dancer would play wich part in the opera. The invited dancers were all underground East Brooklyn Flex Dancers. What are FLEX dancers? Well, simply put, they are a [...]

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  Listen to Prologue Profile’s recent podcast interview about what I do all day and how I make a living off of it!         CLICK TO LISTEN!

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